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How To Eat Everything At Borough Market For Only £20

Another slice of cheese, or another oyster? Or a third scoop of gelato? Oh, choices, choices!

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If you're visiting Borough Market for the first time, your goal should be to try as much as possible while staying on a budget — otherwise, you could spend a small fortune here.

Dan Oshinsky / BuzzFeed

Also worth noting: There are free samples everywhere — you could eat an entire meal in samples if you wanted to.

Steak and Gravy Pie — £3.50

Dan Oshinsky / BuzzFeed

I started with one of these: warm and flaky on the outside, steaming hot and thick on the inside. They've got pies of all kinds at the market: steak, chicken, sausage. You can't go wrong.


Slice of Comtè cheese — £3.90

I asked for the thinest slice they could give me, and it still ended up being the most expensive thing in my budget. But that cheese — I've never had anything like that before. My one Borough Market regret is not doing this £20 experiment all over again, but only with cheese.

Fried plantains — £1.50

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At this point in my budget — already halfway through my £20 note — I started looking for bargains. These came straight out of the fryer, three to a bag. Worth it.

Fudge — £1.60

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OK, OK, a second Borough Market regret: Not getting more fudge. I went for vanilla and chocolate, but I could've easily spent £40 trying every fudge on display.


Gelato — £3.20

Forget everything I said before. Forget the pie, forget the cheese, forget the fudge — there is nothing at Borough Market that even remotely compares to the gelato. I got two small scoops: mint chocolate chip and a Kinder-flavored gelato, which would've been enough. But then they loaded the inside of my cone with Nutella from a Nutella fountain. (Read those words again: NUTELLA FOUNTAIN.) And then they topped it off with a giant wafer. I have never handed over money as quickly as I handed over the money for that gelato.

Croissant with Orange Syrup — £1.20

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It seemed insane — almost disrespectful — to eat anything after the gelato. But I'd promised my editor that I'd eat £20 of food, and I wasn't about to come up £1.30 short. (Besides, what kind of post promises to feed you at Borough Market on £18.70?) The croissant was good, but if I'd had another 20 pence, I could've gotten one with chocolate filling. Oh well.

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to eat everything. But I did eat a lot.

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These curries smelled fantastic, but they'll have to wait for another trip.

In the end, I ate: 1 pie, 1 giant stick of bread, 1 huge wedge of cheese, 1 oyster, 3 fried plantains, 2 chunks of fudge, 1 sausage, 2 scoops of gelato, and 1 croissant — all for £19.90.