14 Newsletters You Should Have In Your Inbox

    Yes, you're trying to hit inbox zero and cut back on email. But these newsletters will make you laugh, smile — and maybe even feel a little more informed. Sign up!

    1. NextDraft

    A daily link roundup by West Coast writer and investor Dave Pell, and it's especially great at zeroing in on the latest ideas about technology and the future of our society. Dave's got a knack for digging up interesting stories that others aren't talking about. Sign up here.

    2. Now I Know

    This is what it would look like if Reader's Digest and Ripley's Believe Or Not came together as a modern email newsletter. It's written by Dan Lewis, a Sesame Street staffer, and he writes with a childlike curiosity for the stories behind everyday things. Sign up here.

    3. The Daily Digg

    The Digg team spends their day curating the best content on the web; this daily email curates the best of the best. You never really know what's going to show up in here, but it's always worth clicking. Sign up here — you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up, but it's worth the trouble.

    4. Politico Playbook

    If you need to know what's happening inside the Beltway — like, way, waaaay inside — then there's Playbook, a daily email from Politico's Mike Allen. It's lengthy, and wonky, but it's also a place where D.C. insiders go each morning. Sign up here.

    5. MediaREDEF

    What Mike Allen does for politics and what Dave Pell does for ideas of the day, Jason Hirschhorn does for media and tech. Expect 40+ links a day, from all parts of the web. Sign up here.

    6. TheSkimm

    A newsletter geared specifically to, A) Young female professionals who, B) Want to keep up with the news of the day. TheSkimm breaks down what's happening on big issues — and why they're happening. Sign up here.

    7. Wakefield

    A daily email all about the world of startups. Every day, a new story about an interesting startup lands in your inbox. (Plus, the Wakefield team often promotes startup job openings in their emails.) Sign up here.

    8. Bandsintown

    Bandsintown checks your iTunes library — along with your Pandora or Last.fm accounts, if you'd like — and tells you when bands you love are playing near you. Sign up here.

    9. The Li.st

    A thrice-weekly email from two veteran journalists (Rachel Sklar and Glynnis MacNicol) who highlight awesome things being done and made by women. (Plus, things women need to know.) They promise it's "100% dude-safe... just not 100% dude-centric." Sign up here.

    10. Newsle

    It's not a newsletter per se, but it is a really useful email tool. Newsle syncs with Facebook and Linkedin and sends you an email when your friends make the news. (It'll also let you know when you make the news, so it's a nice alternative to Google Alerts.) Sign up here.

    11. Scoopinion

    Scoopinion's built on a Google Chrome extension that keeps track of what you're reading. Once it gets a sense of what you like, it starts sending twice-weekly emails with other links you might enjoy reading. It's weirdly accurate with recommendations. Sign up here.

    12. Garagiste

    Up front: Garagiste is a daily newsletter that sells wine. ($30 million of wine a year, says the New York Times.) But it's more about life and travel than it is about wine — and it's fun to read, even if you never buy a bottle of what they're selling. Sign up here.

    13. The Art of Non-Conformity

    An irregularly-scheduled email dispatch from Chris Guillebeau, who causes all sorts of trouble and documents it here. A smart, often inspiring newsletter about how to live a remarkable life. Sign up here.

    14. The Fetch

    If you live in one of The Fetch's core cities — like NYC, LA, London, or Melbourne — their newsletter is a comprehensive (and sometimes slightly overwhelming) look at what interesting events are happening near you. It also features curated links to get you motivated at work. Sign up here.

    And don't forget: BuzzFeed's got good stuff for your inbox, too! Our daily email features the best of BuzzFeed, and we've got newsletters featuring great feature stories, awesome DIY ideas, and much more.