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12 Canadian Cities You Have To Visit This Summer

Grab some Tim Ho's, lift the lid, and get yourself on a road trip to these awesome places in Canada. You'll be glad you did.

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5. Montreal, Québec

Some of Canada's best nightlife — remember, Americans, if you're 18, you're actually legal to drink here. Check to see if the local MLS team, the Montreal Impact, are playing — Impact fans are fun AND bilingual. Allez Montreal!

6. Balls Falls, Ontario

Get out of the city and into the wet, wild wilderness. At Ball's Falls, you're going to go deep into one of the most picturesque spots in all of southern Ontario.


9. Happy Adventure, Newfoundland

A gorgeous little town overlooking the North Atlantic. It's all the way the edge of Newfoundland, and it's a few hours down the Trans-Canada Highway from St. John's. It's a bit of a trek, so prepare yourself for adventure — happy or not.

11. Climax, Saskatchewan

Flickr: emiliep

It's just north of the Montana border, and the weather's perfect here in the summertime! The only problem is the distance from the nearest big city — Medicine Hat or Regina are the only places even semi-close. So you'll be driving and driving, and you'll think that it's almost there, but the town just never seems to come.


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