An Open Letter To Kansas City

We never thought we'd say this, but: We're quickly becoming Royals fans.

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We talk about other awesome cities out in the middle of America — Chicago! Austin! Minneapolis! — but right there, literally right in the center of the map, you've quietly created a remarkable city.

We've seen it every time Monday Night Football goes to Arrowhead, or any time ESPN cut to Power & Light during the World Cup. Your city is just freaking crazy about sports.

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And sure, other cities are nuts about one of their teams. But not the way you're crazy about the NFL and college hoops and soccer and, oh, yes, these guys.

What did you do to get a team like this?

Deals with the underworld? Voodoo? TELL US AND WE'LL DO THE SAME. Seriously, there are sports fans in Cleveland prepared to do whatever you say.