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    Team USA Visited The White House And Took A Ton Of Selfies

    Another reminder that Olympians are just like us. Set all Instagram filters to gold.

    Team USA is in Washington, D.C., for a visit to the White House, and they're showing off their excitement the only way Olympians can.

    With a ton of fantastically goofy photos.

    And some incredibly good selfies.

    The selfies started at an awards show in downtown D.C.

    And just continued through the team's visit to the White House.

    The king of selfies? Figure skater Jason Brown.

    If you have a camera.

    This man will find it.

    And he will take a selfie.

    Any time. Any place.

    The visit wasn't all selfies, though: Mikaela Shiffrin posed with a torch made of fruits and vegetables.

    Bo and Sunny came out for a stroll with the team.

    There was some light dancing.

    Also, importantly: These two ice skating legends were there.

    Johnny Weir: Still got it.