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9 Feature Stories We're Reading This Week: Medieval Fight Clubs And Why J. Law Is Cool

This week for BuzzReads, Tim Chester explores the geeky world of hardcore medieval combat. Read that and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

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1. Inside The Violent, Geeky World Of Hardcore International Medieval Combat — BuzzReads

Conor McDonnell for BuzzFeed

Battle axes! Bloodshed! Bureaucracy! Middle Ages war reenactment is taking a turn for the violent as a new breed of weekend warriors — don’t call them LARPers — grapple with dangerous weaponry, entrenched nationalism, and a bit of institutional corruption and chaos. Read it at BuzzReads.

2. Joe Biden in WinterPolitico Magazine

Marco Grob/Trunk Archive

Will the Vice President run in 2016? Glenn Thrush explains why it's possible: "Biden simply isn’t ready to quit. It’s not clear he even knows how. He’s a comeback addict, a restless striver who believes that anyone who isn’t climbing is falling." Read it at Politico Magazine.


6. GhostingLondon Review Of Books

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

In 2011, Andrew O'Hagan was hired to ghostwrite Julian Assange's planned memoir. That arrangement didn't quite pan out, but it did yield this fascinating, incredibly thorough story about the doomed process and says as much about the man's psyche as any book could have. Read it at the London Review Of Books.

7. I Took The Dalai Lama To A Ski Resort And He Told Me The Meaning Of LifeSlate

Bob Shaw for Slate

In 1989, the Dalai Lama made a visit to New Mexico. Douglas Preston — then a magazine writer in Santa Fe — was asked to take a role in the visit: "Someone had to manage the press and keep the Dalai Lama from being buttonholed. And that person was going to be me." Read it at Slate.

8. Running Back From HellRunner's World

Daniel Seung Lee / Runner's World

PTSD affects thousands of men and women who've served in the armed forces. There isn't a single cure — but one interesting option is emerging for those who suffer. As Christine Fennessy asks: "Can running help soldiers heal?" Read it at Runner's World.