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41 Reasons Waffle House Is The One True Source Of Happiness In The Universe

In a strange world, Waffle House glows like a beacon of hope. A beacon of buttery, fluffy, pecan-and-syrup-topped hope.

1. This is Waffle House, the most wonderful place in the world. You can spot it from a million miles away.

2. And when you see those letters, you know you're home.

3. You step inside. You know you're in for a magical experience.

4. And you never know what might happen here! Waffle House is a house of romance.

5. Love could strike at any time.

6. Dancing could break out.

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7. You might run into an NBA legend.

8. Even at 5 AM!

9. Because this is a magical dream factory where your every wish can come true. Want to see Kid Rock in camo Waffle House swag? Done.

10. A biker with a purple bowtie around his goatee? Why not!

11. Here, you can feel like you're on top of the world.

12. Here, penguins eat free!*

13. Okay, and yes, here, you might not want to use the restrooms.

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14. But that's not why you're here! You're here because all this is, like, $8.

15. Because they're there for you, 24 hours a day.

16. Because who else will cater at 2 AM on a Thursday night?

17. Because free hats.

18. Because syrup.

19. And Casa De Waffle sauce.

20. And that coffee!

21. Because no bite is too big to enjoy.

22. Or too small!

23. And because what happens at Waffle House stays at Waffle House.

24. Because here, the employees know all the sexiest places to snap that selfie.

25. Here, horses park free.

26. Here, the party wagon just arrived.

27. And even your waffle is invited.

28. So throw on your best T-shirt.

29. Pop a few quarters in the jukebox.

30. Sidle up to that counter.

31. Stare out at that griddle.

32. And say: I want Texas Toast!

33. I want some hashbrowns scattered, smothered and covered!

34. I want a waffle!

35. No, make it a double waffle!

36. No, a double chocolate waffle!

37. Why? Because this is the place at the end of the rainbow, and it is MAGIC.

38. Because... America.

39. Because this is the truth.

40. And this is the gospel.

41. And if someone tries to tell you that some pancake place is better, you know just what to say.