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    One Shining Remix: 26 Years Of Goosebumps

    As many March heroes as we could cram in β€” without giving any love to the evil empires at Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky.

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

    "One Shining Moment" β€” the montage that has closed every March Madness since 1987 β€” is a beautiful thing. But too many of these "One Shining Moments" end with Duke or Kansas or Kentucky winning. And unless you're a fan of Duke or Kansas or Kentucky, why would you ever want to watch them win a title? March is about the grinders, small-timers, folk heroes and teams of destiny getting their big moment in the sun.

    So we've created a supercut of every "One Shining Moment," 26 years in all. But we've skipped the times Goliath beat David. Below, you can enjoy the finest chills that the last three decades have to offer without watching Coach K or John Calipari lift a single trophy.

    Here it is: The ultimate "One Shining Moment."

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    A big thank you to CBS for giving us the magic that is "One Shining Moment" every year. All of these clips are theirs. All of the music from the montage can be purchased here. And CBS has a giant archive of March Madness video available here.