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17 Reasons You're About To Fall In Love With The Creighton Bluejays This March

FYI: In the time it took you to read this sentence, Creighton just hit another 3.

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2. What’s that? You’ve already got a favorite team? Think again.

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5. And that beard! One day, there will be halls of fame devoted to that beard, and psalms that will sing its praises, and no, your favorite team has never seen anything quite like it.

7. Want some numbers? They're No. 1 in offensive efficiency, per No. 1 in effective field goal percentage. No. 1 in 3-point shooting percentage.

(They're No. 9 in 2-point shooting percentage, probably to remind America that they're only human.)


10. Oh, does the best player on your favorite team average 26 points a night and shoot 44% from deep?

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Because McDermott does. Also, the last men's college player to average more than 26 points per game? Jimmer Fredette.

11. Do you know what Creighton did to Villanova? They took a top 10 team and made them look like a JV squad.

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Villanova's only lost three times this year: once to Syracuse, and twice to Creighton. In those two games, Creighton shot a combined 30-50 from 3 and scored 197 points. Which is good.


15. Wouldn't you want to root for a team where even the managers have skills?