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    15 Rockvilles You Do Not Want To Go Back To

    You thought it was a good idea to visit Rockville the first time. But now you're never going to go back there and waste another year.

    First, click play:

    So here's the thing, Rockvilles: It's over.

    1. Rockville, Utah

    Flickr: virtualcorey

    Yes, it was really gorgeous. But no way. Not another trip. You can't risk ending up here again.

    2. Rockville, Nebraska

    Yeah, remember the lobster the first time? That was a mistake. Lobster in the Midwest is always a mistake. You're not going back to Rockville for the lobster.

    3. Rockville Centre, New York

    And the clams? Enough with the seafood, Rockville. It's not working for you.

    4. Rockville, Minnesota

    Charming, definitely, but no thanks. One time was enough.

    5. Rockville, Connecticut

    Flickr: uconnlibrariesmagic

    Kind of quaint, but this is a firm no. You won't be going back.

    6. Rockville, South Carolina

    Flickr: beardenb

    It seemed really nice, until you saw the flags.

    7. Rockville, Missouri


    Nope. no. DEFINITELY NO. Don't make us explain this to you again, Rockville. Nobody's coming back for this.

    8. Rockville, Rhode Island

    View this video on YouTube

    You were one of the sites where they filmed "Moonrise Kingdom." Does anyone ever visit the random locations where they filmed movies? You will not be going back to this Rockville, either.

    9. Rockville, Indiana

    Flickr: dmclean

    Yeah, that Covered Bridge Festival was fun the one time. Once was enough.

    10. Rockville, Pennsylvania

    Tom VanNortwick / Via Flickr: 13539555@N00

    Do we even have to talk about this one again, Rockville? Let's not do this again. You know what you did. Not going back. EVER. End of discussion.

    11. Rockville, Virginia

    Same here.

    12. Rockville, West Virginia

    Flickr: dmolsen

    Your GPS can't even find this Rockville. Not going back for navigational reasons.

    13. Rockville 2013 / Via Instagram: @kyessamarie

    That first time, you were such a nice little rock festival. Now you've got Alice in Chains, Limp Bizkit AND Papa Roach in your festival lineup? Hahaha nope, not going back, not in a million years, sorry.

    14. Rockville Hills Park, California / Via Instagram: @bronxand

    Not following you into the unknown again, Rockville. It didn't end well the first time.

    15. Rockville, Maryland


    Not going back, not after what you did to Jesus.