Housewives Ridiculous Promo Photos

The Real Housewives stars have tons of products amongst all of them. With each product they try to dupe people into buying/using, they must be photographed. Here are the best…

1. Jill Zarin for Jill Zarin’s Pinterest Page

Jill Zarin has a lot of ridiculous promotional photos, but my personal favorite is this image from her website promoting her Pinterest page. This promo image isn’t for a product that will bring in money directly, it just promotes a grown woman’s Pinterest. Iconic.

2. Joanna Krupa for PETA

Who wins with this? No one can find her hot because of the giant bush, and no one can focus on the message because of the giant bush.

3. Vicki Gunvalson for Vick’s Vodka

The vodka was once described as “being in all the casinos” by OG Vicki.

4. Kim Zolciak for Google Me

Kim has the most successful single in Housewife history with Don’t Be Tardy For The Party. In my opinion, the Google Me image is much more legendary.

5. Karent Sierra for Colgate

Karent Sierra appeared in (one of the greatest housewives seasons) season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami. If you don’t like Karent’s ad, then don’t look her way.

6. Ramona Singer for Ramona Pinot Grigio

Ramona serves herself wine. When will your faves?

7. Countess Luann for the Countess Luann iPhone Application

You have to look past a bunch of buttons to see the face of the Countess, but it is worth it. The app is no longer supported (I bought it for $1.99 and now I can’t get tips). Luann has hawked a bunch of other products, but none offered as much diversity as her iPhone app.

8. Lynne Curtin for her Cuffs

Lynne’s cuff line is legendary.

9. Mama Elsa for Havana Elsa Expresso Coffee

Mama Elsa is the most amazing Bravolebrity. While Miami fans wait impatiently for the show to be picked up, let’s enjoy the black and white promotional image the coffee used for Mama Elsa. Word on the street is that the image is old, as here is a more up to date photo of this legend…

11. Nene Leakes as the 6th Lead of the First (only) Season of NBC’s The New Normal

2013, when Ebony judged Ivory for promotional purposes.

12. Danielle Staub for Cop Without A Badge


Other housewives have written books, but this book is the best one. The image of Danielle that appears in the book uses her maiden name, Beverly Merrill. PS Someone put Danielle Staub back on TV.

13. Adrienne Maloof for Never Hungover.

It doesn’t look like Adrienne’s hangover was cured in the photo for the ad. It looks like she just accidentally swallowed a bug while high on Ambien.

14. Alexis Bellino for SkyZone.

An Annie Leibovitz outtake, probably. Another from the shoot…

16. Taylor Armstrong for her book Hiding From Reality

This gets bonus points for being so dramatic.

17. Teresa Giudice for Fabulicious On The Grill

Tre has plenty of products in which she has done promo for, including her perfect video advertisement for Sizzle Tan. This one is the best because I really liked grilled food. Thumbs up, Tre.

18. Sheree for She By Sheree.

It’s a tiny image of Sheree from her website, but it is iconic nonetheless. #NeverForgetSheBySheree

19. Brandi Glanville for Brandi Glanville’s Podcast

Brandi Glanville has 2 best selling books. Let that sink in for a moment. While her book covers are amazing, her podcast promo photo is best because it doesn’t make any sense why she is sitting like that. Do they record it while she is on the toilet? Also, she looks bored by the project IN the photo.

20. Sonja Morgan for Sonja Home/Sonja’s Unreleased Toaster Oven

We still can’t buy a Sonja Morgan toaster oven.

21. Tamra Barney for CUT Fitness

What kind of weights do they use over there? Why is Eddie’s ass is so clenched?

22. Kelly Killoren Bensimon for her novel, I Can Make You Hot!

When asked why Kelly is sitting ON TOP OF the title of the book, she motioned and said, “because I’m up here, and you’re down here”.

23. Bethenny Frankel for Skinnygirl

The most successful promotional image works because it’s a low-def cartoon version of the housewife. Bethenny FTW.

24. Aviva Drescher for her memoir, Leggy Blonde.

The book probably would have sold better if they could’ve gotten the rights to this iconic image…

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