Five Reasons Why Kate Upton Is Worth All The Hullabaloo

Remember when that former model said that Kate Upton was nothing special? Well, about 500,000 people disagree.

1. Zero Gravity

There’s no shortage of women who look good in a bikini. Kate Upton, however, takes sexiness to another level. Literally. Her most recent shoot took place in zero gravity.

2. Sports Illustrated

Former model Carol Alt said that she doesn’t understand why Upton’s SI covers get more attention than her peers. Well, it may be because Upton has been on the cover for the last two years. She was bumped this year but still landed on the flip cover.

3. Social Media

Kate Upton joined Instagram a week ago. She’s posted 9 photos and already has 474,580 followers. That’s an average of more than 50,000 followers per photo. She also has more than a million followers on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Jealousy

The more popular Kate Upton gets, the more jealous she makes other models.

Carol Alt said earlier this week: “What I don’t understand with Kate Upton is what’s all the hullabaloo … There are many covers of Sports Illustrated. One girl was just wearing a bottom, no top. I don’t get what all the hullabaloo is. I think what it is is that in this moment there’s just so much social media and that’s why she’s had more word of mouth than anybody.”

5. The Obvious

Kate Upton shot to fame thanks to a few jiggly videos on YouTube. She’s started to refine her image a little with shoots in Vogue and, yes, Golf Digest, but she still knows what her audience wants.

Upton said: ”It’s like any job. You find your strengths and play them up … I understand why my male followers like me.”

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