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  • Nuff Said.

    Yeah the only way you ask girls out is if you go intervene people’s lives like a ******** …and that doesn’t make you awkward….that makes you a horrible human being….and how pathetic can you be going from breaking up with a girl from Pennsylvania to a girl 8 hours away from you within months apart….what you can live without being single after breaking up for like a day? Also the fact you go online and talk crap about someone on youtube for several minutes….who you DONT actually know at all…considering you have never met them in person before does in fact make you a terrible human being. There is my rant to your rant. And like you said…if you don’t like it. too bad. Hope you know that you made someone cheat on a guy with a birth defect who has a mom in a wheelchair. btw this is Daniel Giroux.

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