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5 Reasons Why Paloma Gives Me Butterflies

I have made a collective thread of reasons why Paloma is so dang amazing

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1. She LOVES dogs just as much as I do

The fact that you fire me up and support my dog loving is amazing. I want to get a puppy so I can share it with you (I get to choose his clothes though). You can take him to pee.

2. She's quite the intellectual

Just look at the way you're sipping that coffee. Ugh, so perf. I can't thank you enough for continuing to feed my mind with facts & memes. I think that's the most intimate thing a person can share with you, besides meeting their parents. You're great!

3. She annoys me (I dig it)

You're really the only person I can sleep next to all night and not be selfish with the covers with (don't quote me on this). I love that you're goofy and so well versed with your humor. You brighten my days and make them the sweetest. I hope you are always that way with me!

4. We make a great team!

Everytime she needs a meme - I find it. If she's feeling down - I'm there. Long story short, she helps me grow and become so much more of a better person. I'm more understanding, caring, and compassionate because of her. Thank you (you may or may not be reading this). We also look damn good together

5. Her smile brightens my day

The best curve on your body is that dang SMILE. It's the thing i love to wake up to, fall asleep to, and hope I'm fortunate enough to see everyday for a long time. Sharing laughs and these special moments with you is an indescribable feeling. I promise to keep this same type of energy everyday :)

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