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These 11 Polynesian Content Creators Are Brilliant — And Here's Why You'll Only Find Them On Social Media

Find me someone as wholesome and funny as Toks Fale, I'll wait.

"We are the original storytellers — and we can make it here as well."

In fact, in our own backyard, if you asked most brown filmmakers from Aotearoa if funding bodies truly support them, the answer would likely be no.

That's despite seven out of New Zealand’s 10 highest grossing films either being directed by Polynesians or telling Polynesian stories. 

Enter: social media.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have given Polynesians a direct route to not only practise their craft, but reach their audience quicker than ever before. 

Creatives are building their own opportunities through social media — without the cumbersome guidance of yesteryear's screen practitioners.

Creators like Regan Roell leveraging his online following into a career on mainstream radio, to Māori Facebook star Nix Adams turning her digital skits into prime-time television.

The screen work of legends like Merata Mita, Sima Urale, Oscar Kightley and Waititi cannot be disregarded, but the governing structures in Pacific strongholds like Australia and New Zealand still remain the same. Waititi's words “We are the original storytellers” ring true — we just needed to find original ways to tell our stories. Social media has become that place.

Here are 11 Polynesian content creators you should be following on social media:

1. Toks Fale (Tongan)

2. Regan Roell/Just The Norms (Niue/Tokelauan)



♬ original sound - Robinhood Regz
Roell was just working a normal 9-to-5 support his young family when his Facebook sketches with friends started gaining thousands of followers. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Roell decided to go full-time funny on social media — and he was quickly rewarded with his own breakfast radio show. Roell also has an upcoming NZ On Air funded comedy web series called 9-to-5ers.
Follow Regan Roell on TikTok here.

3. Nix Adams (Māori)

4. Sapphire (Samoan)


"yOu dOn'T LoOk LiKe ThAt" 😀

♬ original sound - Tik Toker
Former The Voice contestant Sapphire not only has an incredible singing ability, but she’s a phenomenal cartoonist. When she’s not drawing amazing art, she fuses all her super creative talents for her million followers on TikTok. We should all be jealous of her talents! 

Follow Sapphire on TikTok here.

5. Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck (Samoan)

Tuivasa-Sheck left a promising career in the NRL to run-it-straight at his social media channels. He’s amassed millions of views with his sketches, experimental films and his special effects-heavy dance challenges. The TV industry has long been chasing but the super creative uso is just too damn quick!

Follow Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck on Instagram here

6. Drew Afualo (Samoan)

7. Havea Matangi (Tongan)

Proud family man, father and Tongan comedian — Matangi knows how to make even the funniest Polynesian influencers laugh. His family friendly platform showcases life as an island dad navigating the TikTok world. A prime example of how families can have fun together on social media. 
Follow Havea Matangi on TikTok here.

8. Bubbah Olo (Samoan)

9. Torrell Tafa (Samoan)

10. Jimi Jackson (Māori)

11. And finally, Sam Ratumaitavuki, also known as Fortafy (Fijian)

Danny Aumua is a Samoan creative from Tāmaki Makaurau in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


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