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Little Mix's New Music Video For 'Hair' Showcases Undeniable Friendship Goals

You just gotta get him out ya' HAIR.

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This JUST in. A Little Mix HAIR alert.

Twitter: @oscahhhhh / Via Twitter: @oscahhhhh

So right now, Mixers all around the world are going crazy for Little Mix's new official music video featuring Sean Paul. There are numerous GIF's building up already and we have found our FAVORITE one.

If you didn't already know, the music video is available WORLDWIDE.

View this video on YouTube / Via

We're going to go ahead and drop you the link so you can share with your friends and whip your HAIR all day long. Don't hesitate, come on! We're doing it too!

Have a favorite GIF?

Do not hesitate to share with us your favorite! Perhaps you have a favorite scene? That scene where Jade throws Leigh-Anne's phone away from her? PRICELESS.

We like to call this GIF " 26 Advice and Lessons from JADE THIRLWALL"

Lessons from Jade Thirlwall when you need to convince your friend to move on and LET GO (and then of course, proceed to get him out YA HAIR).

If you didn't already know, we're totally FANGIRLING right now.

But you probably are as well after watching the video so it's okay.

In other amazing news, Little Mix were featured in our top 10 greatest vocal girl groups of all time LIST!

Haven't read the full list of inspiring and vocally talented girl groups? No worries, we have your back! Just click HERE!

By the way, if you want to binge watch other Little Mix music videos, head to their YouTube channel to be amazed. Remember that one time they visited us for a grand acoustic session?

Little Mix performing 'Love Me Like You' At BuzzFeed (New York)

View this video on YouTube / Via

Enjoy fellow critters!

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