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10 Cascada Songs That Are Absolutely Legendary And Still Rule Our Music Playlists

Cause' everytime we touch, I get this feeling!

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Check out this EXPLOSIVE Cascada playlist we hold near and dear to our hearts!

Natalie Horler, the leading vocalist for the German dance act Cascada, was making bigger airwaves even before dance music in general became extremely popular. They're the best selling German Act of the 21st century and that alone says enough.

1. Miracle

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The song that introduced Cascada to the world. Not only did it debut a number one on various charts (like France), but it's praised Europop/Eurodance sound introduced a genre that was lost for a bit in transition on mainstream radio.

2. Everytime We Touch

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'Everytime We Touch' continued the success of earlier 'Miracle' but on a more grand scale. At the time of it's release, the R&B and Pop-Rock was increasingly popular on mainstream radio, so when people heard this jam out of the blue it caused massive dance hysteria! Many critics were quite surprised at the amount of success the song was having in the American commercial market at the time.

3. Everytime We Touch (Ballad)

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A popular wedding anthem (no really), this song ruled Adult Contemporary radio in 2004-2005 and makes us shed a tear til this very day. The lyrics are simple but the production is absolutely lovely. Combined with a beautiful voice like Natalie's, all feels safe in this troublesome world.

4. Truly, Madly, Deeply

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A Savage Garden cover, Cascada turned this original Soft Rock song into a Eurotrance masterpiece. We want to stand by you on a mountain, Natalie aka Cascada. Yes, we do.

5. Because The Night

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6. Evacuate The Dancefloor

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'Evacuate The Dancefloor' brought Cascada back into the main dance limelight after their second studio album, Perfect Day, was released two years prior. It became an international hit, going Platinum in the United States and going #1 on the U.K, Netherlands, Israel and U.K. Airplay charts. Are you infected by the sound?

7. Fever

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'Fever' brought upon a more cheekier side of Cascada and we absolutely love it! An electro-pop sound that should have been a hit worldwide, this song continues to be a Cascada jammer in our cars, bathroom, the gym and the good old park.

8. Pyromania

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First of all, the name 'Pyromania' is just absolutely fire! The song did not receive it's justice worldwide - so we've brought it back in the hopes that radio stations revive this needed hit. The infectious nature, the catchy lyrics - WE JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!

9. What Hurts The Most

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Another popular cover turned into a glorious dance track, Cascada's make over of the original still has that same melancholic feel - except that during the chorus it makes us what to dance all the wretched pain away. It's still a brilliant cover to this day.

10. Ready For Love

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Deep lyrics, deep beats - can a song get any more perfect? Don't forget to add this Cascada song to your Dance playlist!

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