"The Summer I Turned Pretty" Just Dropped A New Teaser For Season 2, And I'm Going Feral At How Perfect It Is

    Taylor Swift, if you're reading this, we need that version of "August" immediately.

    *Season 1 spoilers ahead*

    Prime Video just dropped the newest teaser trailer for Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty, and I don't know about you guys, but I'm freaking all the way out.

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    Starring Lola Tung as Belly, Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah, and Christopher Briney as Conrad, Prime Video is set to release the first three episodes on July 14. 

    Before we get into the trailer itself, can we talk about the use of "August" by Taylor Swift?!?!?! Considering Season 1's soundtrack was basically the Spotify playlist of a Swiftie, I'm not surprised a Taylor song was used. However, this version of "August" is literally *chef's kiss*, and I think everyone can agree.

    Twitter: @parisrae13 / Prime Video

    OK, so in the teaser trailer, it starts with Isabel — Belly — sunbathing on the lawn of the beach house. Then Conrad comes over, toys with the necklace he gave her in Season 1, and kisses her. Meanwhile, Jeremiah is standing in the background.

    But also, that first scene alone literally had me on the floor.

    Twitter: @wildestbellaa / Prime Video

    Based on Jenny Han's second book of the trilogy, It's Not Summer Without You, Season 2's teaser trailer follows the continued relationship of the summer lovebirds, but also hints at new romances, wholesome summer memories, and of course, more drama.

    Another storyline we're waiting to find out about is what will happen to Jeremiah and Conrad's mom, Susannah?!

    Susannah holding a drink as she sits at the dinner table

    One of the major changes fans will notice in Season 2 is the absence of the character Shayla, played by Minnie Mills. However, David Iacono is back to reprise his role as Cam.

    Cam driving two others in a golf cart at night

    Speaking of Shayla no longer being in the show, the teaser trailer suggests a budding romance between Belly's brother, Steven, and her best friend, Taylor.

    Steven and Taylor standing closely

    Not gonna lie, some people (me) are kind of salty about it.

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    Like, huh?!

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    Who else is super excited for Season 2?! What was your favorite part of the teaser trailer, and are you on Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? Let me know in the comments!

    Twitter: @parisrae13 / Prime Video