18 People Reveal The Twisted Moment When They Knew It Was Time To Switch Companies

    The supervisor-to-soul-eater pipeline is so real.

    If it were up to me, the life of a human would be spent lying in the sand, sipping on silly little cocktails, and eating plump, seedless grapes off the vine. But unfortunately, we have to work. Even worse, sometimes we have to work with the most horrible people and companies.

    "I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. This is a living hell!"

    That said, redditor u/tony_andrson recently took to the r/antiwork subreddit and shared a post prompting community members to share the moment when they knew it was time to quit and switch companies, and the responses had me completely gobsmacked. Here are some of the most shocking stories:

    Reddit: u/tony_andrson / Twitter: @AccPharmacist

    1. "I was not there for the incident; a younger female coworker was. Apparently, one of our regulars got up out of his stool, wobbled a bit, and then fell over. He was pronounced dead as soon as the ambulance arrived. I got called in to cover because the poor 22-year-old girl who had just watched this man die was sobbing uncontrollably. While I was setting up to run the bar, the manager pulled me aside and point blank said, 'I don't think she's cut out for this job. Once she calms down, tell her to give you her keys, and I'll give her a good reference.'"

    Closeup of Carrie Bradshaw looking shocked

    2. "My reason for quitting was the time I was held at gunpoint by an FBI/DEA joint task force because my boss, who was involved in drug trafficking in the '80s, was falling back into old habits."


    3. "I ended up canceling a huge $15,000 family trip to Europe because I had a massive medical emergency (think stroke-plus-potentially-lethal-infection-at the-same-time kind of thing). My wife relayed what happened to my boss. My boss said, 'So, you’ll be coming in this week since you canceled your vacation…?'"

    "Aw, hell naw!"

    4. "I will never forget waking up from a grand mal seizure on the floor of the shitty bar I worked in and hearing my manager screaming, 'He was clocked out when that happened, make sure he's clocked out!!!'"


    5. "A credit union I used to work at had a branch get robbed in a violent takeover, where two tellers were pistol-whipped and got sent to the hospital. An email went out hours later for two internal openings at that branch, probably before they mopped the blood off the floor. Credit unions are better than banks typically, but not always."


    6. "Worked at a 'good' office job with little cubicles and office chairs and fun things on people’s desks like solar-powered dancing daisies. A 35-year-old coworker had a heart issue, and the ambulance came to take him away. He came back the next day and was furious, because while he was in the ER, the HR lady called him to ask if he was going to be back in time to make the CEO’s meeting. They will never care about you. If you’re looking for care, look to your friends."

    "That is not a great development."

    7. "I was keeping a small rural hospital afloat. The only help I received was when I had taken a month off to see family overseas. I begged for help."

    "They paid someone a year of my salary to cover three weeks that month. I offered to take a third of that and take a week back. They denied me. They would cover the other guy's absence at any cost but not pay me more for all I did. When I quit, they hired a group of six docs to replace me. That’s how burnout happens."


    8. "When I first started a certain sales job, I was sitting around with a coworker shooting the shit and talking about how some of our coworkers were really greedy fucks. He told me a story about two salespeople, where during one shift, the man had a heart attack and went to the hospital and died. At our work, we would split commissions off the sales, and the man's partner called their manager the next day — after everyone was informed of losing this coworker — and asked if the manager could go in the order and change the salesperson to 'solo' so that the commission went 100% to them."


    9. "One time a guy was unconscious in front of the retail store I worked at. I tried to wake him up with one of his friends by splashing water on his face. He didn’t look like he was breathing at all. I called 911, and the owner came out and said, 'It’s really not going to look good for the store to have an ambulance out front.' And I said, 'It’s going to look a lot better than a dead body out front.'"

    "What the hell is wrong with you?"

    10. "When I worked at a factory years ago, someone was bitten by a spider, and the first thing the foreman did was clock the person who was bitten out. Then, they got the first aid kit."


    11. "I worked as a private nurse for millionaires. Half a dozen times a year, these people would go on vacation and forget to call in our hours to the payroll company, meaning, surprise, no paychecks for us. When the two of us employees finally said something, the response was, 'Why don't you learn to manage your money better?' We were CNAs, for the record."

    "are you talking to me?"

    12. "I worked for Walgreens as a pharmacy technician a little over a decade ago. My pharmacy manager would call you over the loud speaker if you spent too long in the restroom or were three minutes late returning from a break."


    13. "We got a new employee. Complaints about sexual harassment, racist behavior, insults, spreading lies about other employees, and bullying were lodged against him within a very short time. However, he knew the project manager, and was then promoted to team leader. I and 90% of the team resigned on the spot."

    14. "My boss held a meeting because me and another employee had proposed a plan for equitable distribution of tasks (we needed it). She started the meeting clapping her hands after each word: 'YOU DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO!' There and then was when I realized she was an ass and proud of it. I left the meeting, clocked out, said nothing to anyone, and never returned. She was a master slacker, so she had a right-hand employee overseeing us, but the dude was also a slacker, so they didn't realize I was gone until a week of work wasn't done."


    15. "We had a guy pass out on the assembly line one time. The supervisor told us to move him out of the way so we could get back to work."

    "I hate this job."

    16. "I quit a job after my boss bought his second new car, while I got a .25-cent raise because minimum wage went up."


    17. "I worked with a woman, Anna, who constantly talked about how the department was like a family. She worked for the department for over 20 years. She would pick up extra shifts and go the extra mile in everything. She would stay late to finish things. She never complained. One day, her brother died tragically. He was in his 50s. She took two weeks off to mourn because they were very close. The department management didn't send a card. Didn't send flowers. These were people she had worked with for 20 years. They would hang out outside of work."

    "Friends are just enemies you ain't made yet."

    And finally:

    18. "I used to work at a bakery/cafe. My grandpa was passing, and I had an early shift the day after. We were in the hospital; the entire family was there when he passed. It was 3 p.m. when he died. We all stayed for another hour before we went home. I had no sleep and had work in 4 hours. I texted my boss that I wasn't fit for work, sad and sleep deprived. I still had to come in."

    "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."

    Do you have any defining moments when you knew you had to get as far away from your job as possible? Let me know in the comments and air out your grievances. I promise I won't go to HR and put you on blast.