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Oldest Siblings, What Are Some Of The Struggles You Had To Deal With That Your Younger Siblings Would Never Understand?

As an eldest daughter myself, there's a lot to unpack...

I'm the eldest of four, and I can't keep track of how many times I've compared how my parents treat my younger siblings now versus how they treated me when I was their age.

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I half-jokingly tell my siblings all the time that there is nothing they can do to disappoint our parents because I've already done it all. I'm the definition of the phrase, "I walked so you could run." I genuinely think eldest sibling trauma is real, so if you're a first-born, I wanna know what kind of things you've had to endure that your siblings could never understand.

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Maybe you're the eldest daughter and was expected to act like a second mother to your siblings, so you felt like you had to "grow up" faster.

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Maybe you're the first-born of parents whose first language isn't English, so, despite being young, you had to navigate through a world of phone calls, meetings, paperwork, and other interactions right by their side.

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Or maybe, as the oldest, your parents projected some of their own trauma onto you. Your siblings were able to get the "healed" version of parenting, and sometimes you can't help but feel jealous that you were the one who had to bear some of the brunt of it.

Deborah from "Spanglish" says, "You've done it again, mother — made me hate myself"

No matter what your experience was as the oldest child, I want to know all about it — and don't be afraid to get into detail! Let me know in the comments, or you can submit your story anonymously using this form.