Having Good Rizz Is Like Having A Black Belt In Flirting, And These 14 People Totally Nailed It

    "Are you lightning? Cuz you're ma queen (cars rizz)."

    Let's talk about rizz.

    Joey saying, "How you doin'?"

    Rizz is the new slang word — fine, maybe not brand new — the cool kids are using nowadays to describe flirting, and as someone in their mid-20s, I can attest that, yes, my Gen Z sisters had to define it for me in detail because I had no clue WTF was going on.

    I know I was a good teen babysitter because I texted my gen z/ now college girlie former babysittee ‘what is rizz’ and she gave me an explanation without even being annoyed

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    If we wanna get technical, rizz is supposedly short for "charisma," but it's really just synonymous with having good game or good flirting skills.

    Recently, people have been showing off their ultimate, bulletproof rizz, and it honestly shows just how funny, a little cringe, and totally endearing flirting and using pick-up lines should be.

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    1. Let's start off with a classic. I'm not saying I would go out with someone who used this on me, but I'm not saying I wouldn't either.

    Do you have a name , or can I call you mine ?😉

    Twitter: @zinatxan

    Wholesome, sweet, and asks for consent. 10/10.

    2. This person could write Shakespeare, but Shakespeare couldn't write this.

    "you're" and "your" are different because i am yours and you're mine (grammatical rizz)

    Twitter: @setiddylover

    3. Tell me you grew up with immigrant parents without telling me you grew up with immigrant parents.

    are you my mom’s slipper ? cause you hit different (immigrant parent rizz😍)

    Twitter: @2riches_wavvy

    There's just something about the feeling of my Asian mother's household slipper slapping against my body after forgetting to put the chicken out to thaw.

    4. Use this line during a meet-cute for an IRL rom-com moment.

    are u a book? because i wanna stay up all night for u (reader rizz)

    Twitter: @iqzzreads

    5. This person is definitely trying to impress their foodie crush.

    hey lol are you “curry” ? cuz without “u” i will crry

    Twitter: @potatosarilla

    Nothing like a curry and chill date (preferably with no crying, unless you're into that).

    6. The art of declaring your love with a mix CD has evolved, and I just have to stan.

    the way this hun slid in my dms 😭😭

    Twitter: @Raaqeeb1

    7. Use this trick and they'll start calling you the Rizzard of Oz.

    8. Kachow!

    9. Spotify better lawyer up with the amount of times this one's gonna be used in the future.

    10. This person took communion to another level.

    11. If rizz was judged like a gymnastics competition, this person would receive all 10s.

    Twitter: @uhquired

    Flawless execution, great form, stuck the landing.

    12. *Meows in disappointment and slight embarrassment*

    Twitter: @step1v9

    13. Your crush doesn't need to be a historian to get this one.

    I’m not Abraham but when we Lincoln?

    Twitter: @nyimaaaaaaaaa

    If your crush has an affinity for honest and dead presidents, this line is a certified banger.

    14. And finally, using kitchen appliances to flirt is a win for me.

    Damn girl are you a microwave because mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Twitter: @9Rain3

    Give me food, and I'm all yours.

    Let's be real, rizzing someone up is so much more fun to say than flirting, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it's become part of my everyday vocabulary.

    "I'm sitting over there with the cool kids."

    Just remember this ancient proverb: With great rizz comes great rizzponsibility.

    only thing that can stop my rizz is a rizztraining order

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