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    Definitive Proof It Is Impossible To Avoid Comcast's "Unreturned Equipment" Fees

    I filmed myself properly returning all my Comcast equipment. Naturally I now owe $360 in "Unreturned Equipment" fees.

    Step 1: Gathered all my Comcast equipment

    Step 2: Recorded myself giving equipment to Comcast technician

    Step 3: Got a signed Equipment Pick Up Receipt from Comcast technician

    Step 4: Later received bill for $360 in “Unreturned Equipment" fees

    Step 5: Repeatedly called Comcast to dispute the "Unreturned Equipment" charges

    Step 6: Got billed again ("Unpaid Balance - Due Now") still including $360 of Unreturned Equipment Fees

    Step 7 (Not recommended): Trolled Comcast on Twitter

    Step 8: We gave up and decided to go play fetch.