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Job Search After College: Expectations Vs. Reality

No class in college could've prepared you for this...

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You just graduated from college. ¡Congratulations!

Now you've got a ridiculously expensive piece of paper that says you are good at something.

So you start your job search.

Expectations: You spent countless nights without sleep and thousands of dollars on your degree, finding a job must not be hard at all.

Reality: You don't know a thing about job hunting.

You start sending resumes and cover letters.

Expectations: You’ll receive tons of responses craving for an interview with you.

Reality: Your wake up every day to find your e-mail inbox empty.

Expectations: Your kickass CV full of academic achievements will blow the HR guy’s mind.

Reality: They'll hate it because you have no real experience.

Expectations: your networking skills will help you find a job. You made pretty awesome contacts in college.

Reality: Most of them don't remeber you.

You get nothing so you start to look for some options abroad.

Expectations: You'll move to a fancy European capital.

Reality: You only receive responses from places not even google knows.

You finally get an interview and you start discussing about salary

Expectation: They'll offer you tons of money to work with them.

Reality: A lot of internships for recent graduates are unpaid.

They ask you if you are OK having no benefits, medical insurance or legal contract

Expectations: You reject those inhuman conditions.

Reality: You accept all of them because you are desperate.

You finish the entire selection process and you wonder whether you make it or not.

Am I hired?

Expectations: They'll welcome you with open arms.

Reality: Nope.

You finally get a job!

Expectations: It's the most marvelous job in the entire world .

Reality: You hate it and you have to start the entire process all over again.

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