29 Ways You Know You Went To Art School

Wait…What’s Greek life?

1. You school had a reject mascot like this…if they even had one.

Scrotie the Nad from The Rhode Island School of Design

Or this.

The North Carolina School of The Arts Fighting Pickle

2. You didn’t have a traditional campus.

Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA

Parsons, New York City, NY

3. Sports were non-existant.

But there WERE dancers!!!!

4. This was your idea of March Madness.

5. You were often confused about people’s gender.

6. And unclear if they had places to live.

7. You called all of your “professors” by their first names.

8. And sometimes you bought/smoked weed with them.

9. The theater department ONLY did weird experimental pieces.

10. There were always more people taking pictures at campus protests than actual protestors.

11. Your bookstore didn’t actually sell any books.

12. The only movies you saw were ones your friends made.

13. And you couldn’t help but notice that EVERYONE in the film department ALWAYS wore a hat.

14. You could really relate to this movie.

But not this one.

15. Someone was ALWAYS trying to get you to buy their screenprint tees.

16. Many of your classmates refused to use modern technology.

17. There was a general lack of hygiene on campus.

19. This was the most popular footwear option

20. You didn’t have to take hard and boring math and science classes.

21. Instead you got away with these classes.

22. Someone once stole your bike by accident.

23. You spent every weekend a different department’s gallery reception.

24. And poetry slams were a big deal.

25. You went to toga party at a state school once and you felt really out of place.

26. You wrote exquisite corpses with the creative writing kids for fun.

27. You tried to make friends with the theater kids but, they were soooo cliquey and only wanted to rehearse.

28. You could hear these albums blasting from everyone’s dorms. And they were on vinyl ….obviously.

and this…ironically of course.

29. You’re unemployed and can’t find a job.

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