Annette Hatcher
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    • Annette Hatcher

      Our country which I love and still support entirely has the worst to none support for Mental Health. I speak as a Mother who fought the system for 20 years to get help for a son who WAS Bi-Polar; he was never hurtful to others mainly himself. He jumped out of a car and that bought on three days in a center - no help and then countless days of calling to see if their were bed available with his begging to help him to be told to call in the morning. A DUI that brought 90 days in jail but no help since their was no room in AAA or the mental health program. With his being over 18 and no insurance there was no help and like most Bi-polar he self medicated. My son was highly intelligent, loving young man until he turned 15; then our world changed. He was also a Military members son, our family spent 22 years going where ever Uncle Sam told us to go. he was in over 8 schools before he was 18. I could go on and on with the horror stories about our mental health system, about the lack of help - but now is the time to pray for the families of babies that are now Angels. I am sure my son was there to welcome them since he joined the Angels 3 years ago and he adored children I guess you could say he got some of that love from me since I was a teacher. You see he finally was getting the help he begged for years thru a drug study program but his heart was tired and the Lord called him home. Please let us support improved MENTAL HEATH!

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