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    17 Hilariously Weird Dreams That Will Keep You Up At Night

    Freud would have a field day with these.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their weirdest dreams. Here are the brilliant responses, illustrated.

    1. "I had a dream in which I spent a steamy evening with E.T., and he... pleasured me."

    2. "I dreamt about the people who had waffles for heads and someone took a giant bite out of the top of one of them so he died and they had a funeral for him. I woke up crying."

    Submitted by Alycia Detvay via Facebook.

    3. "Kit Harrington came over to me under Big Ben, put three balls of moss on me, and said, "Reading is everywhere" as a rainbow formed over his head"

    4. "At a scary red restaurant where they made kids sit on the floor, giant macaroni noodles came out of the ground and started eating people. We escaped, though."

    Submitted by Madison Mattoon via Facebook.

    5. "Batman (Christian Bale's version) and Jareth the Goblin King (from the Labyrinth) were slap-fighting each other like children over who was going to go to the theater with me."

    6. "I once dreamt a sloth was doing my nails and kept telling me that I should invest in the stock market."

    Submitted by billieh4924b79e2

    7. "I was running away from the scary guy in the movie Scream (or Scary Movie) and he finally caught up to me and shoved my face in a bucket of spaghetti."

    8. "I was running through a maze and all of a sudden Kermit the Frog jumped out with a knife. I kept running until Dustin Hoffman rose from the ground and shot Kermit."

    Submitted by clover2.

    9. "Sasquatch dressed in drag riding a motorcycle around a small rectangular room full of mob dudes."

    10. "George Bush was showing me how to take pictures of cats. He was writing plays on a whiteboard like a football coach… showing a plan of action to capture the presidential cats as they lay multicolored eggs all over the place. "

    Submitted by gakmuguaa.

    11. "Dinosaurs overtaking my city. Peter Pan and I had to hunt down and fight the reigning T-Rex to restore balance to the Earth. Yeah."

    12. "I flick on the light to see Bruce Springsteen (in complete "Born in the USA" get-up) going through my sock drawer and stealing all my good pairs of socks. When I actually did wake up I had to check the drawer, just in case."

    Submitted by Lucy Knowles via Facebook.

    13. " I came back home from my elementary, where everyone became aliens. I saw my dad, and told him what happened. He responded, 'I'm not your dad,' and pointed at a nail sticking out from his head, which was proof of being an alien."

    14. "A badger dressed as a musketeer on his adventures to steal a magical spice rack from a zeppelin."

    Submitted by Erin Murray Quinlan via Facebook.

    15. "I had a dream that my parents had been abducted by a cult that was lead by The Undertaker from the WWE. I managed to beat him up with the coconut I had hidden in my cult robes."

    16. " had a dream I was stranded in the middle of the ocean in a small boat with Pinnochio, and all we had to eat were Froot Loops. For whatever reason, this dream terrified me so I still remember it years and years later."

    Submitted by Erin Ciceri via Facebook.

    17. "Me being chased by velociraptors in tutus and football helmets through a grocery store. All while I had to balance a teacup on my head."

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