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To All The Jews On Christmas...

If you're reading this right now, you're probably one of us.

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Christmas is a weird time to be Jewish. Almost everything's closed, many of your friends are away, and even in 2014, a lot people still don't understand why you can't get into the Yuletide spirit!

But you're not alone! Here's a collection of the best moments from TV and the web when the struggles of being Jewish on Christmas were captured perfectly. We can get through this together!

South Park's Kyle said it best:

The SNL TV Funhouse masterpiece on the topic:

Somehow, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan had to explain it on C-SPAN:

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A background gag from The Simpsons:

Who knew Dolph was Jewish?
Fox / Via

Who knew Dolph was Jewish?

This movie theatre knows what's up:

How it feels:

Touchstone Pictures / Via

One of the greatest Jewish girls of all time:

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Comedian Steve Hofstetter:

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Via Youtube

And this status... which is all of our status:

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