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We Got To See "The Revengers 2": Here's What Happens

In case you couldn't wait to see it in the theaters this weekend, here is the entire plot. ALL SPOILERS!

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Revengers: Era of Robon

Chris Ritter / Vladislav+Ociacia / Via Thinkstock

It has been two years since the destruction of Rochester, NY at the hands of space-whales. The Revengers have gone their separate ways.

Tommy Skarn AKA Metal Man

Dan Meth / Fabian19 / Via BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

Tommy Skarn has fallen off the wagon and is partying a lot. His new cereal, "Silver Spoonz" is earning billions worldwide, but it's all going towards the lawyers who work around the clock to keep the IRS off his back.

The only time he dons his Metal Man costume is when he appears in commercials for "Silver Spoonz"


Vladislav+Ociacia / Andrew Peña / Via Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

Skarn has created a robot called 'Robon' to handle any further threats to the earth.

He has programmed Robon to speak in the voice of Andrew McCarthy.

Stan Ronker AKA Corporal USA

Lana_Stem / Chris Ritter / Via Thinkstock

Corporal USA is living incognito in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He's living in a kind of weird Airbnb situation and writing a collection of short stories based on the events of the first Revengers movie.


Nick Grumpy, leader of B.L.O.C.K.E.R.

Martitsa Patrinos / Via Photodisc / Getty Images

Nick Grumpy finds Corporal USA and Metal Man and convinces them to join forces with B.L.O.C.K.E.R. again; this time with a dental/vision plan and free bagels on Friday. They join.

Ritashi Oranoffi AKA The Black Spider Lady

Def Jam / busenda via Thinkstock / Monique Steele / BuzzFeed / Via

Black Spider Lady is just wandering around Long Island looking for a tattoo removal specialist who will take her B.L.O.C.K.E.R. insurance plan. That's her entire plot-line of this movie.

Clive Barkin AKA Hawkhead

Dan Meth / yellowpaul / amanaimagesRF / Via Thinkstock

Hawkhead is deeply remorseful about killing the space-whales in the first movie. He's tried talking to a rabbi and two therapists, but he can't seem to shake the guilt. He's even tried to shoot an arrow at himself but that's physically impossible.

The Second Grade Cyborg

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

Robon reaches a state of superior intelligence and creates his own android daughter: The Second Grade Cyborg. He enrolls her in a charter school in New Rochelle, NY. She becomes friends with a girl named Lucy and they have a playdate.


Bryce Booner AKA Teal Brute

VBaleha / Andrew Peña / Via Thinkstock

Teal Brute discovers that he changes back into mild-manner Bryce Booner every time he apologizes to his girlfriend so he just hangs out with her most of the time, saying "Babe, I'm sorry" once an hour.

Hammerer, the God of Sky-Sparkles

Will Varner / Via BuzzFeed

Hammerer returns to Valhalla Zone-1 and gets stuck there. He can only keep up with the Revengers through social networking. He's pissed about it.

LeeKo, The Sneaky Brother

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images / Thinkstock / Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

Meanwhile, Hammerer's sneaky brother LeeKo joins forces with Robon and they hatch a plot to crack open the Uni-Egg, an ancient ovoid relic which either holds the greatest power in the galaxy or just really moldy yolk.

Mike Mordunk AKA Unseeing Legal Demon

Will Varner / Via BuzzFeed

Blind lawyer Mike Mordunk decides to help defend Metal Man against the IRS. None of the Revengers have time to watch Netflix so they don't realize he's also a superhero. And that's a shame because if they had one more Revenger they could have defeated Robon. Instead, all of America is destroyed.

Government Accountant, Accountant of B.L.O.C.K.E.R.

Nathan Pyle / Deklofenak / Via ThinkStock

Andy Coleman, the accountant for B.L.O.C.K.E.R. goes through a lot of red-tape trying to help Black Spider Lady get her elective procedure cleared with the insurance company. That's not really his job, but Susan is in Florida this week so...