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    Coachella Is Going To Be Very Different This Year

    They have their whistles ready for the rave.

    Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

    They're all going to be there:

    Coach Lee from Ladybugs
    Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights
    Coach McGuirk from Home Movies
    Coach Sylvester from Glee
    Coach Bombay from The Mighty Ducks
    Coach Dugan from A League Of Their Own
    Coach Fox from Coach
    Coach O'Shea from Little Giants
    Coach Pantusso from Cheers
    Coach Buttermaker from The Bad News Bears
    Coach Klein from The Waterboy
    Coach Dale from Hoosiers
    Coach Brown from Major League
    Coach Fredericks from Freaks and Geeks
    Coach Cutlip from The Wonder Years