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What If Taylor Swift Had Gone A Different Route

T.S. 1989

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Taylor Swift's new album cover features a discolored Polaroid with "T.S. 1989" written on it.

Big Machine Records / Via Wikipedia

T.S. being her initials, 1989 being the year she was born.

What other images could you put into that frame that would sense? What were other T.S. things happening in 1989? Hmmm..


1. Tiananmen Square

Jeff Widener/Associated Press

The Beijing student demonstrations in the spring of 1989 that resulted in a military crackdown. The arrests and death toll of the massacre is estimated to be in the hundreds and possibly thousands.


9. Telly Savalas

Players International

During this time, the former TV detective was a spokesman for Player's Club International, a service offering discounted casino hotel deals. Who loves ya, baby?


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