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26 Awesome Zines We Discovered At The MoCCA Comic Festival

Here's a rundown of some very cool comics that we brought home.

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Our goal was to see what amazing comics and beautiful art we could trade for copies of our zine. We were NOT disappointed. Check out our favorite samples from the bounty:


4. Earaches and Eyesores by Justin Melkmann

The theme of these comics is punk rock and alcohol. Turns out the cartoonist also plays in a band called World War IX and is a producer for The Daily Show. That's a busy guy!


8. X-Men by Alden Viguilla

Viguilla's version of everyone's favorite band of mutants layers gorgeous silk screening on one long, accordion foldout. The uncanny thing is how fun his version of these popular characters is.

9. Stranger Than Bushwick by Jeremy Nguyen

From bedbugs to rooftop drinking, Nguyen perfectly captures the trials and joys of living in NYC's most rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. A love-hate relationship for the ages.


15. All My Anime Boyfriends by Kali Ciesemier

This is the perfect zine for anyone who has ever had an unrequited love affair with an animated character. With these illustrations, Kali Ciesemier perfectly captures the perks and pitfalls of dating beautiful, anime men.

17. Charis 8 by Aimee Fleck

Charis 8 is a cool schematic to the fictional Charis designated ships. The zine, full of character and item designs, is done in a simple and effective two-tone color scheme, and leaves you wanting to know more about the story of this ship.

18. Street Code by Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby is known for his work as co-creator of many infamous superheroes and superhero teams like the X-Men and the Hulk. With this zine, the Jack Kirby Museum has put together a great way to reintroduce people to a great comic artist. Full of original artwork, rough sketches, and artist notes, this zine is a great find for anyone who loves comic art.


20. Heaven's Dreamtown! by Wren McDonald

This futuristic sci-fi comic is about a day in the life of a factory worker who uses an Oculus Rift–esque video game to get through the monotony of his day. Printed in black and blue, Wren's transition between real life and the video game world is captured through the use of very creative paneling.

21. Weeping Flower, Grows in Darkness by Kris Mukai

Mukai's new comic follows two preteen kids through their family drama and the unsettling discovery of creepy, alien-looking plants under the porch. Mukai carries us through the narrative by easing us between between red, purple, black, and green.

22. Lemon & Ket by Natalie Andrewson

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

This comic features Ket, a girl charged with the task of defending her beachside hometown against enemies who come to steal her extra-nutritious soil. Along the way, she discovers a species of gigantic lemon, which when consumed makes her extra strong — but comes with a price.


23. Sherk print by Gavin ???

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

A risograph print of what we assume is a distant relative of Shrek. No last name to be found on this print, but if you're out there, Gavin: great work!

24. Savage Brute by Pat Dorian

This epic tells the story of Savage, an inhabitant of a primitive, dystopian Queens, New York, who tries to protect his family and hunt mutant animals. It features a beautiful screen-printed cover with colors that catch your attention from across the room.

25. Adventure! by Mike Freiheit

Freiheit discusses his thoughts and experiences in this mini comic. He explores life meanings, what it takes to be punk, and jobs that open up different points of view.