13 Iconic Movies Improved By Cats

Let’s be real, Apocalypse Meow would’ve been way better.

1. “Purr”

Warner Bros.

Plot: A mustachioed lonely cat is desperately looking for outside validation when he falls in love with his laser pointer. He drags it around with him everywhere, turning it on, and wondering where it goes when it’s not. It’s a dark love story that will make you wonder what technology has done to our brains and what love really means.

2. “Apocalypse Meow”

United Artists

Plot: U.S. army Captain Benjamin Willard develops a catnip addiction after the Catnam War. He is forced to go back into Cambodia to assassinate a dog who has gone rogue. Willard meets the dog and they actually become best friends.

3. “Clawkwork Orange”


Plot: In a futuristic cat world, the streets are rampant with gangs of felines. They go around town scratching and biting innocent cats and stealing all their snacks. One of them gets picked up my Animal Control and is sentenced to a long time in cat jail. The control offers to lessen his sentence if he gets declawed. He agrees and has to face the mean streets he created without the claws to fight back.

4. “Caturday Night Fever”


Plot: A Brooklyn stray has a tough life at home: constantly fighting with his father and competing with his all-too-perfect purebred older brother. His only solace is on the dance floor at the local alleyway on Saturdays where he is King of the cats. One day, he meets a sexy little feline who scratches her way into his heart and changes his life forever.

5. “Litter”

20th Century Fox

Plot: In her biggest role yet, popstar Meowriah Carey plays a young girl sent away by her catnip obsessed mother. At the orphanage, she befriends two strays and they become great at going in and out of boxes. Later in their life, they start their own street act when a cat with a camcorder and big dreams, decides Meowriah is the real deal. The two fall in love and Meowriah becomes an internet sensation. This puts a strain on their relationship and she has to decide between her dreams of love and her dreams of stardom.

6. “The Clawshank Redemption”


Plot: Andy is a young and successful housecat whose life changes drastically when he is accused of attacking the dog and the new cat. He is sent away to a shelter where he cannot get adopted. He becomes friends with a shelter “businesscat” and they try to redeem themselves with small acts of kindness, like allowing humans to pet them.

7. “Meow and Then”

New Line Cinema

Plot: In this dramatic comedy, four best friends come together and reminisce about a summer as kittens in their small town. After all, inside every cat is a little kitten she left behind.

8. “Calicobra”

Warner Bros.

Plot: A tough cat cop has to protect the only surviving witness to a string of weird and unjustified bird murders. Can this calico wonder be the cobra he needs to be to clean up the streets?

9. “Walk the Feline”

20th Century Fox

Plot: Chronicles the true life of Johnny Cash, with his identity finally revealed as a cat. He walks the line between being a feline and human, catnip abuse and sobriety but the one thing he will not falter on: his love between June Catter (real name) and himself.

10. “Scratch Point”

DreamWorks Pictures

Plot: A former kneading champion falls in love with a feline fatale who happens to be his best friend’s fiancé. Drama ensues and a love triangle could un-knead all of his accomplishments.

11. “Hairball”

Columbia Pictures

Plot: Chronicles the success of the general manager of the Oakland Furs, a Hairball team on it’s way out. The game is a tough one: each team has to create as many hairballs in the grossest places, in the shortest amount of time. He’s able to assemble a team of prime hairball makers with a small budget using a new technology.

12. “The Cat of Wall Street”

Paramount Pictures

Plot: Based on the true story of Jordan Catfort, from his rise to a box-broker to living a life of excess and then his 10th and final fall. It’s a story full of drugs, sexy mice and illegal box trading with an unredeemable lead.

13. “Catsablanca”

Warner Bros.

Plot: In World War II Catsablana, an exiled American cool cat is in charge of the hottest milk joint in town. When his long-lost love arrives with her family on vacation, sparks reignite but she is tied to her humans. They plan to run away together but can they make it out of that milk joint in tact?

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