9 Songs That Have Weird Dialogue In Them

"Oh my god, Becky. Look at her butt..."

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1. "Leader Of The Pack" by The Shangri-La's (1964)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

She met him at the candy store. Which is odd, since Jimmy is the leader of motorcycle gang. I didn't know those guys spent a lot of time at candy stores.

Listen to it at 0:01.

2. "Oops... I Did It Again" by Britney Spears (2000)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

Out of nowhere, the song completely stops so some guy can give Britney the diamond old lady Kate Winslet dropped off a boat at the end of Titanic? Britney is right, dude... you shouldn't have.

Listen to it at 2:12.

3. "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot (1992)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

Listen to these skinny white chicks gossip about a sista's ass for 30 full seconds. The entire rest of the song is stating evidence for why they are wrong. Even white boys got to shout.

Listen to it at 0:01.

5. "The Girl Is Mine" by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney (1982)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

This is perhaps the least macho example of two guys about to brawl over a woman. Not a lot of testosterone flowing here. It kind of seems like Michael is the winner, though. It is his album after all.

Listen to it at 2:59.

6. "Love Shack" by The B-52's (1989)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

This is a total mystery. It seems like he's asking if she's pregnant. If so, that is a very weird answer.

Listen to it at 4:47.

7. "Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin (1969)

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One of the most boner-y songs of all time. Was Serge a hypnotist or something? NSFW.

8. "Unchained" by Van Halen (1981)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

David Lee Roth messes with producer Ted Templeman in the studio and the end result is, "Let's leave it in. Makes the song even better."

Listen to it at 2:16.

9. "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf (1977)

Dan Meth / Via BuzzFeed

Teenaged Meatloaf has been hooking up with a girl in a car all night, steadily progressing toward full-on intercourse (as narrated in metaphor by baseball legend Phil Rizzuto over a too-long guitar solo). But wait... the girl suddenly wants a life-long commitment and Meatloaf begins weighing options.

Listen to it at 6:06.