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31 Thoughts Everyone Has After A Bad Haircut

Because sometimes a bad hair day becomes a bad hair month.

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1. Sometimes the barber messes up.

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2. You tell yourself that it will grow in.

3. You tell yourself that every day.

4. But it doesn't grow in.

5. It grows out.

6. It grows up.

7. It grows weird.

8. So you try to hide the weird.

9. But that makes it more weird.

10. So you just try to control it...

11. You try to control your feelings.

12. But there's no hiding it.

13. You have bad hair.

14. And it's not just one day.

15. You're having a bad hair month.

16. You become a different person during a bad hair month.

17. You want to just go back to how you were before the haircut.

18. But you can't. You can only go forward.

19. So you try different things with your hair.

20. Blowdryer.

21. Hairspray.

22. It's no use.

23. Your hair is getting weirder.

24. And so are you.

25. Just have faith in your spirit.

26. Your spirit has perfect hair.

27. Be strong. A little further.

28. Don't think about how bad you look.

29. Embrace the disaster on top of your head.

30. Because it won't last forever.

31. You can always get another haircut.


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