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20 Awesome Coats Of Arms

Step aside, flags.

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Flags are overrated. Coat of Arms is where the action is.

Just about every city, county, and nation in this world has its own emblem; its own hand-crafted logo passed down from one generation to the next to illustrate something about the spirit of that place.

Some are so awesome that they deserve a closer look.

1. Arkhangelsk, Russia

- / Via Wikipedia

Anyone who lives in Arkhangelsk is tough enough to endure 10 months of sub-arctic winter weather. Their coat of arms of an angel stabbing a devil to death is appropriately bad-ass.


4. Thailand

- / Via Wikipedia

This is a Garuda; a mythological beast of Hindu and Buddhist legend. It's the mount of the god Vishnu in the form of a man-bird hybrid and his wingspan is over 5300 kilometers across! That's about three times the length of Thailand itself. Coat of arms, indeed!

5. Irkutsk, Russia

Wikipedia / Via -

True weird fact about this coat of arms: It originally featured a Siberian tiger, known as a "babr". But in the 1870's someone of importance mistook "babr" for "bobr" which means "beaver". The crest changed to reflect this typo!


12. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

- / Via Wikipedia

This crest exists solely for Prince Philip, husband of England's Queen who is best known for his cringe-worthy gaffes.

Why does a member of the royal family have a naked guy on his crest? Because that's Hercules. Strength!


15. South Ossetia

- / Via Wikipedia

For a disputed region whose independence is only recognized by only four UN Member states, the crest's use of the endangered snow leopard may be uncomfortably appropriate.

18. Cambodia

- / Via Wikipedia

What you are looking at here is a Gajasingha (a lion with an elephant trunk) and a Singha (just a regular lion) holding five-tiered umbrellas. Because a one-tiered umbrella just won't cut it against that Cambodian sunshine.