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    15 Living People Who Say They Are God

    At least 14 of them have to be lying.

    People have been claiming to be God for as long as the idea of God has existed.

    Sometimes they have devoted followers and live in fancy compounds. Sometimes they are followed by police and live behind a public restroom on Venice Beach. Here's 15 people who are currently in the Messiah business and are having various degrees of success with it.

    1. Vissarion (aka Sergey Torop) / Via

    Born: Russia, 1961

    Beard: Yes

    Doctrine: praises vegetarianism and UFOs.

    2. AJ Miller / Via

    Born: Australia, 1964

    Beard: Stubbly

    Armageddon prediction: It will be "similar" to the movie 2012.

    Number of girlfriends he's proclaimed Mary Magdalene: 2.

    3. Apollo Quiboloy

    Iamjebi1988 / Via

    Born: Philippines, 1950

    Beard: Nope

    Favored sportcoat hue: White.

    4. Marina Tsvigun


    Born: Donetsk, USSR, 1960

    Beard: No.

    Armageddon prediction: November 7, 1993.

    Currently: Runs an art gallery.

    5. David Shayler

    JK_the_Unwise / Via

    Born: England, 1965

    Beard: Sometimes

    Other occupations beside Messiah: journalist, British spy.

    6. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez

    http://U.S. Park Police

    Born: Idaho, 1991

    Beard: Yes

    Godly work: Firing an assault rifle at the White House.

    7. Shoko Asahara

    Born: Japan, 1955

    Beard: Big Time.

    Godly work: attacking Tokyo subway system with poison gas.

    8. Inri Cristo / Via

    Born: Brazil, 1948

    Beard: Yes

    Hates: Christmas.

    Drives: a scooter.

    9. Mitsuo Matyoshi

    Tokyo election administration committee 東京都選挙管理委員会 - / Via

    Born: Japan, 1944

    Beard: No

    Conundrum: Though (he says) he's God, he can't win a Prime Minister election.

    10. Affrin Mohamed

    Kiedd 07 / Via

    Born: Malaysia, 1943

    Beard: No

    Compound: Had a giant teapot.

    11. Hogen Fukunaga

    Kyoto Photo / Via

    Born: Japan, 1945

    Beard: No.

    Cosmic talent: diagnosing your spirit and future from your feet.

    12. Wayne Bent

    Clayton Police / Via

    Born: New Mexico, 1941

    Beard: yes

    Godly works: Horrible horrible things.

    13. Jehovah Wanyoni


    Born: Kenya, 1924

    Beard: Yes.

    Children: 95.

    14. Brian David Mitchell


    Born: Utah, 1953

    Beard: Yup.

    Kidnapped: Elizabeth Smart.

    15. Charles Manson

    California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation / Via

    Born: Ohio, 1934

    Beard: Yes.

    Favorite Band: Beatles.

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