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    14 Extinct Dog Breeds You Will Never Get To Pet

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

    You may not realize it, but dogs are always changing. Over centuries, breeds are created and then disappear, never to be seen again. Here are 14 dog breeds that you will never be able to pet because they no longer exist.

    1. Braque Du Puy

    - / Via

    I wish I could pet you.

    2. Alpine Mastiff

    http://J.S.Morgan, Esq / Via

    You're a big guy.

    3. Chien-gris

    Mahler / Via

    Awww. Friends.

    4. Bullenbeisser

    - / Via

    Hi, big dog. I wish I could play with you.

    5. Cordoba Fighting Dog

    - / Via

    You're actually kind of scary. Go away.

    6. English Water Spaniel

    Henry Bernard Chalon / Via

    Awww. Why do you have to be extinct?

    7. Hare Indian Dog

    Audubon / Via wikipedia

    You look nice. Nice doggy.

    8. Kurī

    - / Via

    You were a Polynesian dog that the ancient Maori tribes ate and owned as pets. You cross-bred with European dogs in the 1800's and disappeared. But I wanna pet you.

    9. Moscow Water Dog

    - / Via

    You only existed during the early years of the USSR. And I wish I could have pet you.

    10. Tesem

    - / Via

    Look, it's an ancient Egyptian professional dog-walker!

    11. Molossus

    - / Via

    You haven't been around since the ancient Romans. And apparently you were really vicious. I am OK with not petting you.

    12. Turnspit Dog

    - / Via
    Via Wikipedia

    This poor dog was bred to run on a wheel that turned meat over a fire so it cooked evenly! Poor guy was just a living motor in an age before electricity! Like one of those birds on the Flintstones. I would have played with you and not made you run on a wheel.

    13. Talbot Hound

    Rees's Cyclopædia / Via

    I would have played catch with you.

    14. Protungulatum Donnae

    Carl Buell / Via

    Woah. Too far back. I guess you could say this is the MOST extinct dog breed since it died out 65 million years ago. I guess you could also say it's the first dog AND first cat, human, and whale because as far as scientists know it's the first mammals. I do not want to pet it.

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