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14 Extinct Dog Breeds You Will Never Get To Pet

All Dogs Go To Heaven

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You may not realize it, but dogs are always changing. Over centuries, breeds are created and then disappear, never to be seen again. Here are 14 dog breeds that you will never be able to pet because they no longer exist.

Via Wikipedia

This poor dog was bred to run on a wheel that turned meat over a fire so it cooked evenly! Poor guy was just a living motor in an age before electricity! Like one of those birds on the Flintstones. I would have played with you and not made you run on a wheel.

14. Protungulatum Donnae

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Woah. Too far back. I guess you could say this is the MOST extinct dog breed since it died out 65 million years ago. I guess you could also say it's the first dog AND first cat, human, and whale because as far as scientists know it's the first mammals. I do not want to pet it.