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    12 Insane Rock Star Myths

    And some of them are even true!

    Marilyn Manson is Paul Pfieffer

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Josh Saviano, the child actor who played Paul Pfieffer on The Wonder Years grew up to reinvent himself as shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.

    True? Nope. Saviano grew up to be something even scarier... a lawyer.

    Paul is Dead, but Elvis, Jim, and Tupac aren't.

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike named Billy Shears. The other Beatles left clues about it in their music and album art. Later on, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Tupac Shakur all faked their deaths to escape the limelight of stardom.

    True?: It's a safe bet that none of these are true, but on the other hand, Tupac has since released an unusual amount of music for a dead guy and a few of his videos even seemed to predict the details of his murder... so that's weird.

    Keith Richards and his dad

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Keith Richards inhaled his own father's remains.

    True? It happened. Keith said he was scattering the ashes in a garden and (instinctively, one would imagine) snorted the last of it off his hand. It's the most Keith Richards thing he ever did.

    Led Zeppelin and the Shark

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Led Zeppelin was staying at Seattle's Edgewater Hotel, which is located on a pier where guests can fish out the window. When they caught a mudshark, the band proceeded to... well... they did weird sex things to a female groupie with the shark's nose.

    True?: Unclear. Some say it was their roadies, some say it was members of the band Vanilla Fudge. Others say it never happened, and most importantly, some say it was actually a red snapper.

    Ozzy and The Bat

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath, ate the head off a live bat that someone threw on stage during a concert.

    True?: It happened! At a 1982 show in Iowa, someone threw the injured bat onstage and Ozzy, thinking it was a rubber toy, bit its head off. In his autobiography, Ozzy said, "something felt wrong". Understatement.

    Phil Collins and 'In The Air Tonight'

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: When Phil Collins was a teenager, his friend drowned and some other guy who was there didn't try to help. Years later, Phil has become a rockstar and sends the guilty guy front row tickets to a concert and also gives him LSD. During the show, he debuts his intense new song "In The Air Tonight" and shines a spotlight on the guilty man, by that point tripping hard. The guy goes home and commits suicide.

    True?: Nah. The song's about divorce.

    Robert Johnson and the Devil

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: In the 1930's, Robert Johnson was just a young guy living on a Mississippi plantation who wanted to become a great musician. So he met the Devil at a rural crossroads and traded his soul for the ability to play guitar like a blues master. But only until his mysterious death at the age of 27.

    True?: Could be... or maybe he just practiced a lot?

    Blondie and Bundy

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: In the 70's, Blondie lead singer Deborah Harry was given a ride across Manhattan by a creepy guy. Years later, she sees his face on the news and realizes that it was serial killer Ted Bundy.

    True? We love Deborah Harry so we'll just say we believe her. But the truth is that Ted Bundy is not known to been anywhere near the Northeast during his killing spree so it's kind of unlikely.

    Gene Simmons's Tongue

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Gene Simmons of KISS had doctors surgically attach a cow tongue to his mouth.

    True?: No. He was born with that thing.

    Stevie Nicks's Rear

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac did so much cocaine that she damaged her nostrils and also developed a high tolerance for it. So she invented a new method for intake... up her butt.

    True?: We'll never know. Nicks flat-out denies it, but then again it was the '80's.

    Rod Stewart's Stomach

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: One night, Rod Stewart gave oral sex to so many male sailors that he had to have his stomach pumped at a hospital.

    True?: No way. Rod says this nasty rumor was started by a former assistant who wanted revenge. Also, he's not the only star who's been the subject of this tale, so it's probably fake.

    Mama Cass and The Ham Sandwich

    Dan Meth

    The Myth: Mama Cass Elliot of The Mamas and The Papas choked to death on a ham sandwich.

    True?: Nah, she had a heart attack. But more interesting is the true fact that she died in the same apartment that Keith Moon of The Who died in four years later... which was owned by Harry Nilsson!