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    11 Hours At A UFO Conference In New Jersey

    The Truth Was in There.

    At a Hilton Hotel somewhere outside of Trenton, New Jersey, I sat with 50 other attendees for a full-day of UFO and paranormal education. As a life-long enthusiast of these subjects, I was excited to learn more and hoped the five speakers would cover some unfamiliar topics. I soon realized I was nothing but a freshman in the school of extraterrestrial studies.

    I did not.

    Documentarian James Carman was the first speaker of the day. He had just completed a movie called "The Hidden Hand" about government UFO coverups, but chose instead to show us clips of a different forthcoming film about aliens. I'm glad he did. Carman had assembled an impressive collection of interviews with people who have directly interacted with aliens and their accounts were unlike anything I'd ever heard.

    It started with Al Bielek, an elderly man who said he was briefly flung to a distant future after a World War II military experiment went horribly wrong.

    Rather than simply asking Bielek questions, Carman filmed the time traveller talking to another cosmic voyager named Gloria Hawker in the New Mexico desert. With tears in her eyes, she describes cradling the hybrid baby that Reptilian beings forced her to conceive. She says she felt equally repelled and connected to the infant.

    John Lear is a former CIA agent and pilot who believes there are three enormous starcraft hiding in the rings of Saturn. He also believes our moon was towed into orbit by ancient aliens and that NASA visited the moon in 1962 (seven years earlier than publicly revealed). There was a secret Apollo 18 mission to explore an alien city on the mysterious dark side. Somewhere in between, we also landed on Mars.

    One man in the audience, interjected his own belief:

    Michael Tsarion, one of today's foremost alternative historians, was interviewed in what seemed to be a swampy rainforest. He swiftly weaved together such topics as the royal Tudor family, stargates, Niphilim, HAARP, Roswell, Lemurians, the Immaculate Conception, and genetic engineering. It was a difficult interview to follow, but one quote stuck out; "All human history has been a manipulation to rebuild ancient alien technology."

    And so on. Everytime I thought I couldn't be more amazed by Carman's interviews, the next one would top it.

    The second speaker was radio host and author Richard M. Dolan. Unlike the people in Carman's clips, Dolan only claimed to be certain of the following: There's something strange going on. With 10,000 unexplained sightings a year, Dolan maintains that the government is either hiding, or is behind, the cause of it all. One of Dolan's theories is that the Roswell UFO crash gave elite society advanced technology which has allowed them to form what he calls 'a breakaway civilization', independent from the troubles that plague most of us on Earth.

    Dolan laments that most of the world willingly swallows the propaganda fed to us. "Forget upward mobility. The free market is gone. There is zero difference between the Democrats and the Republicans." He seemed especially disgusted with people who waste their minds and their time watching TV reality shows. And it would be difficult for anyone to argue with that notion.

    The third speaker, Robert Schoch was the square peg in this group. As a professor of geology, he spoke mainly about his controversial research into the true age of Egypt's Sphinx. His conclusion that it is possibly 5,000 years older than the established paradigm has made him a bit of a pariah in the world of Egyptology.

    That same guy in the audience offered his his support for Schoch:

    But Schoch did present another fascinating theory that brought the conversation back to outer space: During the Ice Age, erratic activity of our sun caused strange shapes of plasma in our atmosphere... shapes that resembled human-figures to the ancient people who recreated it in nearly identical petroglyphs found all over the planet.

    Which was a good segway into the fourth speaker, Rob Skiba; an author who specializes in Biblical scriptures as proof of aliens. His research has led him to conclude that angels and demons are actually extraterrestrials, for the accounts of their behaviors are eerily similar.

    As a Christian, Skiba believes that faith in Jesus will protect you from aliens and also that occultist rituals will attract them.

    Not being familiar with the New Testament, I had trouble following much of his facts about the fallen angels and Mount Hermon, but he seemed convinced that it was all connected to aliens. He claimed there was a inter-dimensional stargate at the top of the Tower of Babel, and that the CERN particle research organization is Satanically attempting to destroy the world. Also:

    The final speaker of the day was Nick Redfern, whose British accent made his supernatural topic that much easier to believe. Redfern is one of the foremost experts on Men In Black, who are far more terrifying than Hollywood would have us believe.

    The real Men In Black are pale, sickly, and weirdly robotic. They harass those who have seen UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. After years of research, Redfern has concluded that the Men In Black are either aliens themselves, bio-organic clones, or humans from the future whose mission is to silence the truth of the paranormal. They are powered by human fear, so if you fail to let them intimidate you, they will leave you alone.

    After 11 straight hours of having my mind blown by all this information, I found myself in a taxi headed back to the train station in Trenton. I tried to explain the conference to the driver, but he didn't seem very interested in UFOs. He told me that Trenton, NJ is currently one of the murder capitals of the country. Earlier that week, 3 people were separately shot dead in one single night. It quickly reminded me that the scariest things happening in this world are often those that no one can deny the truth of.

    *For a more complete rundown of everything said at the conference check out Katie Heaney's article.