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10 Creatures Who Got It On With Human Women

Opposites Attract

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1. Howard The Duck

Universal / Via

Anyone who's seen this bizarre 1986 flop will still have mental scars from the scene in which Lea Thompson makes out in bed with the creepy 3-foot duck. In an earlier scene, we see that he carries a tiny (unwrapped) condom in his wallet, so at least we can hope they practiced safe sex.

2. Spuds Mackenzie

Budweiser / Via

For a couple years in the late '80s, Spuds was the wildly popular mascot for Bud Light. The Bull Terrier often appeared surrounded by adoring women who most likely did what all groupies did when the cameras stop rolling.

It was revealed later on that the dog who played Spuds was actually a female. We can only wonder how the groupies reacted to that discovery.

3. Joe Camel

Like Spuds, Joe Camel was a controversial advertising mascot who was created to attract children to deadly adult products. He was never seen without a sexy human babe in his vicinity. Maybe they were into his fashion style or maybe it was his giant penis-nose. But he was definitely getting it on with them, because he was a "smooth character."

4. MC Skat Kat

Virgin / Via

In the 1989 video for Paula Abdul's song "Opposites Attract," we meet her boyfriend MC Skat Kat. Though they shared a love for pop music and choreography, their common interests end there. But "when they get together it just all works out."

Paula Abdul was in a sexual relationship with a cat. The couple broke up in 1991.


6. Zeus

Paolo Veronese / Via

In an ancient Greek myth, the mighty god Zeus takes the form of a swan and seduces (or, in some version, rapes) a human woman named Leda so she will give birth to his children. Why a swan and not a handsome dude, though? The answer to that question is a mystery for the ages.

In the 16th century, the story became popularized by painters and sculptors because it was at that time somehow less creepy to depict swan/woman sex than man/woman sex.


9. Japanese Octopuses

Utagawa Kuniyoshi / Via

You may well have heard of Japanese "hentai" porn about tentacle-sex fantasies. It's so popular that even mainstream anime and manga feature elements of it. But did you realize that Japanese tentacle erotica dates back hundreds of years!?

You may never want sushi again.

10. Jabba The Hutt


Jabba was not interested in female Hutts. Instead, he had a thing for human women, whom he enjoyed licking and choking. He told Leia that she would "soon learn to appreciate" him. What the hell did he mean by that?

11. P-Cok

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