The Most Rubbish "Doctor Who" Villains

We’re six months away from Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, so it’s as good a time as any to remember the naff as well as the fantastic. Which were the Timelord’s most useless enemies? The most easily-defeated, the naffest, or just the most obviously made of plastic?

1. The Daleks

As the most regularly recurring enemy in the show’s history, that also makes them the most regularly-defeated, and easily-defeatable race in the universe.

2. Adolf Hitler

In the 2011 story “Let’s Kill Hitler”, all they get to do was lock him in a cupboard!

3. The Kandyman

The Kandyman was a pathological, psychopathic, robotic killer, employed as an executioner by Sheila Hancock’s Thatcher-like Helen A. It delighted in creating torture and destruction with confectionery. And he was made of sweets.

4. The Ogrons

Mercenary footsoldiers to an array of smarter species, they worshipped a giant slug as a god, and most of the time they just looked bored.

5. The Raston Warrior Robot

The most powerful killing machine in all of the galaxy? If you say so, honey.

6. The Slyther

This terrible creature cast a menacing shadow over 1964 story The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. That was at least until anybody considered what part it actually played in the story.

7. The Slitheen

Hulking green things who hid inside the flesh of fat people and would cause extreme amusement with their terrible flatulence. When they showed up in the first revived series, it wasn’t clear whether the show was going to work out so well…

8. The Myrka

These guys were giant reptile things genetically-engineered by the Silurians to be deployed in times of war. But in fact it was a wonder they could even move around.

9. The Master

The Doctor’s greatest nemesis, an evil renegade Timelord from back at the Academy. But luckily, in most battles, the Doctor just had to wait until his latest alien allies turn on him, so he’d swap sides and they would work together to defeat them. Bingo!

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