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    "Twenty Twelve" Is Coming Back, Sort Of

    The BBC Olympic satire is getting a sequel. And this time it's taking on itself.

    Hugh Bonneville is back in W1A as Ian Fletcher, former head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission.


    His big new job is Head Of Values at the BBC, his role to clarify, define or redefine the core purpose of the BBC across all of its functions, with particular regard to the license fee. His job is to think Big Thoughts, despite rarely have any thoughts at all.

    It isn't a demolition job on anybody or anything and it isn't a game of guessing who is supposed to be who. If it is satirical then it's satirical then it's satirical about an environment, an ethos and the absurdities of modern corporate life itself.

    Jessica Hynes is also back as PR guru Siobhan Sharoe, one of the stars of Twenty Twelve.


    Siobhan Sharpe


    Totes back guys.

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    This is a kind of love letter to the BBC. But a letter that gets mislaid, because the remote computer system is not working and Head of Recovery, BBC, is stuck in a blue sky brainstorming session in a meeting room that's been double booked and anyway, the bean bags have gone missing.

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