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    There's More Excellent New Drama On The Way From The BBC

    Watch Jenna Coleman, Olivia Colman and Sheridan Smith in the new trailer.

    BBC One just put out its new drama trailer.

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    It doesn't have Sherlock in it like the last one did. But that's okay. Not everything can be to do with Sherlock.

    It has Jenna Coleman, in a different show from Doctor Who.


    She's playing Lydia Wickham in Death Comes To Pemberley, an adaptation of PD James' Jane Austen tribute.

    It has Olivia Colman in a different show from Broadchurch.


    She is starring in The 7:39, a two-part romantic drama from One Day author David Nicholls.

    Olivia will feature in a love triangle with Sheridan Smith and David Morrissey.


    And come on, anything that's got Olivia Colman, Sheridan Smith and David Morrissey is hardly going to not be brilliant is it?

    Miranda Hart is back in Call The Midwife.


    And it looks like love is in the air.

    Love is in the air for older folks too.


    And of all the cosy programming from last year, gentle romance Last Tango In Halifax starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid was absolutely lovely.

    Ashley Walters stars in gritty new drama Truckers.


    Also featured in the trail are one-off crime thriller Common from Jimmy McGovern, and a second series of costume drama The Paradise. Good old Auntie.

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