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    There's Going To Be A Novel Of "Broadchurch"

    The year's biggest drama is coming to the printed page, in a collaboration between its creator and author Erin Kelly.

    This year's most acclaimed TV show, Broadchurch, is being turned into a novel.


    ITV's hit crime drama saw David Tennant and Olivia Colman investigate the murder of a teenage boy in a small seaside town. Now, it has been acquired by the Little, Brown book group and the novel will be released through Sphere Fiction in August 2014.

    The novel will be written by acclaimed crime writer Erin Kelly, alongside series creator Chris Chibnall.

    The day after Broadchurch finished, a woman stopped me on West Bay beach and asked me, 'when's the book coming out?' Now I have an answer! Even better, we have one of Britain's best psychological thriller authors at the helm. I've loved Erin's work for a long time now: her writing is beautiful, emotive and suffused with tension. From the moment I first read her gorgeous insights into a world and characters I thought I knew well, I was hooked and desperate to read more.
    Like everyone else I know, I was gripped and moved by Broadchurch. I'm utterly thrilled to be writing the novel, not least because it gives me an excuse to watch the series again, multiple times. It's testament to the writing, the performances and the photography that I was spellbound even when I knew the outcome. I can't wait to delve even deeper into the thoughts and the hearts of the characters and bring the town to life on the page.

    The novel promises to go deeper into the dark tale.


    According to the publisher, "as well as including previously unseen material, the novel will elaborate on the existing plot, delving deeper into the lives and backstories of existing characters."

    Hopefully that might mean we get some internal monologue from the famous Broadchurch slug.



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