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The Return Of Lily Allen Is Everything Pop Music Has Been Waiting For

She debuted the video for comeback single "Hard Out Here". And it has things to say about the treatment of women.

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The video begins with Lily on the operating table, being put back together as a pop star after her years away.


"Letterman says no," frowns the record label guy. "How about Kimmel?" asks Lily before exclaiming, "I've had two babies!" when she's accused of letting herself go.

But as the song begins, it's clear that she is back with things to say.


As Lily outlines her manifesto upon returning, she says in no uncertain terms, "no need to shake my arse for you because I've got a brain."


She does address this actually: "If you can't detect the sarcasm you've misunderstood."


The other key lyric from the song: "Inequality promised us it's here to stay / Always trust the injustice it's not going away."


Now that's all a bit more fun than the John Lewis ad, isn't it?

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