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The New "Doctor Who" Mini-Episode Just Blew Everybody's Minds

The Night Of The Doctor contains the most amazing surprise.

So, this just happened.

That's only Paul McGann, back as the Eighth Doctor!

It was widely speculated that he would be back to film his regeneration scene in the 50th anniversary, but he denied it.

I was a bit dismayed, a bit gutted, but [the older Doctors] are not in it. There are all kinds of rumours doing the rounds. One gets tired of trying to refute things on Twitter and the like, but – take it from me – I'm not in it.

So here he is, trying to rescue a young girl called Cass from a doomed spaceship.

The Sisterhood Of Karn!

The Sisterhood are keeping the Doctor alive for now, but they offer him a terrible choice.

"I don't suppose there's any need for a Doctor anymore. Make me a warrior now."

He knows what he has to do.

"Introducing John Hurt as the War Doctor."

Unable to really handle much of this right now.

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