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The 9 Worst Flatmates In Sitcom History

The novelty would wear off in a week. Then you would have to kill them.

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9. Vince Noir (The Mighty Boosh).

Living with a fashionista can be challenging at the best of times, but Vince is one of the endlessly annoying jolly optimists, happy and enthusiastic despite his life being filled with misfortune and strange monsters at every turn. Nevertheless, he'd give you a lot of cool clothes.

7. Matthew Malone (Game On).


The central character in this sort-of classic dark British take on Friends was an agoraphobic borderline psychopath. And he was only even something to look at for the first series, after which Ben Chaplin was replaced by the less-pretty Neil Stuke.


5. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory).

Forget how wonderful he is to watch, those one-liners would wear thin at close quarters. The advantage is that Doctor Who is built into his morning routine, and the roommate agreement actually sounds like a pretty effective method of problem solving. But when America's biggest comedy is built entirely around him being a sociopath, you should probably listen.

The very embodiment of crushed ambition and romantic disaster. It would be infectious, and living with Tim would be like staring into an unending chasm of the futility of existence. On the plus side, he has an excellent comic collection, and you would get to be in Spaced.