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The 9 Moments From The "Doctor Who" Christmas Trailer That Will Make You Feel Sad Inside

The first footage from The Time Of The Doctor is out.

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2. But this year it's tinged with sadness, as this is the last time we'll see Matt Smith do his trademark "turning into his close up" manouvre.


The Time Of The Doctor sees him make his his final appearance as the Doctor, making way for Peter Capaldi. As Steven Moffat cackled to us during the anniversary last month, "we're going to take popular children's hero, and kill him, at Christmas!"

3. And the siege of Trenzalore has begun!


There is information all over the internet about why this regeneration is particularly significant if you go looking for it, but we're certainly not going to tell you. But oh my, it's big.


The Time Of The Doctor, Christmas Day, BBC One / BBC America.

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And now it's time for one last bow,Like all your other selves.Eleven's hour is over now,The clock is striking twelves.