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    Paul McCartney Hangs With The Stars In Unseen Pics From His "Queenie Eye" Video

    The Beatle threw a party at Abbey Road for his new clip. It debuts at 5pm BST.

    Lily Cole and Johnny Depp looking just incredibly cool in black and white.

    Mary McCartney

    Macca hanging out with Johnny Depp.

    Mary McCartney

    Not the first famous John he's ever spent time with.

    And looking quite fabulous with Johnny's ex, Kate Moss.

    Mary McCartney

    So we wonder whether there was any tension in the room.

    Looking demure with Meryl Streep.

    Mary McCartney

    And being suave with Tom Ford.

    Mary McCartney

    And that's not all.

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    The "Queenie Eye" video also features Alice Eve, Tracy Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Chris Pine, James Corden, Laura Bailey, Gary Barlow, Peter Blake and Jude Law. Go behind the scenes here.

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