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    Now You Can Have A "Doctor Who" Wedding Because Why Wouldn't You?

    In sickness and in health, in time and in space.

    An events company is offering 50 couples the chance to have a Doctor Who themed wedding.


    The mass nuptials will take place on November 24 at London's Bloomsbury Ballroom to mark the show's 50th anniversary. Couples are already planning to travel from all over the world for their special day.

    Literally everything about the wedding will be Who themed.


    Commemorative rings are being designed, and after the wedding and champagne reception, there will be a Doctor Who themed buffet, and a band playing songs featured in the show. A Tardis with flashing lights is being built, characters from the show will mingle with guests, and a special cake is being made by Dinkydoodle Designs. The whole thing will be broadcast by Croydon TV, London's largest independent broadcaster.

    But hurry, places are filling up fast!

    BBC courtesy of Everett Collection

    Interested and geeky couple should visit for more details. Package prices will vary according to where you are coming from in the world or, we presume, the universe. Members of the public will also be able to buy tickets.

    The same company has also staged a Klingon wedding.

    Getty / Oli Scarff

    The minister conducted the whole ceremony in Klingon.

    Almost as if it was planned this way, Bake Off winner Edd Kimber has just unveiled his Red Velvet Dalek Cake.

    Learn how to make this beauty at


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